Charlie Swan Appreciation

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when someone tries to persuade you to ship your NOTP


and they keep on going




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she actually did

She is so damn proud of herself… lol

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Katara appreciation time:

  • Can we talk about how she learned all her water-bending mostly by herself?
  • Can we talk about her never ending ingenuity throughout the series?
  • Can we talk about how she is only 13 and was able to defeat both a fire master (Azula) and a water master (Hama)?
  • Can we talk about her pity towards the man who killed her mother?
  • Can we talk about how she never stopped caring for her friends and family even in the worst situations?
Say what you want about Katara, but she is the best role model/friend you could have had in the entire series. She had always kept it together even when she lost her mother and when Aang had his issues.

Can we also talk about how she can be both entirely vicious and entirely compassionate almost at the same time

Wait, who talks shit about Katara? Seriously, fight me, because she’s is such a fantastic character. She’s one of the most skilled and creative waterbenders we see. She makes hard choices that no one should have to make, let alone a teenager. She’ll bloodbend someone who is threatening her friend, she’ll impersonate an avenging spirit to do what’s right, she’ll trap a borderline psychotic firebender nonviolently, and she’ll walk into a raging dust storm to bring Aang out of a potential Avatar State rage.

Team Avatar had some brilliant, incredible relationships on display, and Katara was at the heart of a lot of them.

Katara is the definition of boss ass bitch

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Poor Eilonwy. :/
"I AM Disney! But, no one remembers me"


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restacking-the-deck asked:Ashlynn Ella or Lizzie Hearts


I really want an episode to focus on Brandon and Sky’s friendship like a flashback or something.







For those of you who done know Michal Friedman, who voiced Tune in the 4kids version and the Nick specials died before The Shadow Phoenix aired, on November 25th 2011. I know to some it may seem like a while…

Well I guess you didnt know about the Latin american actress who played Flora died too. Unless you meant just the English version. For me for some reason I always thought they would live forever, just because I feel like I’m loosing my childhood, they made my childhood special. We should always remember everyone from the WC family no matter what language they dubbed or when they did it. Once a Winxer always a Winxer <3

Oh wow there you go, I didn’t even think about someone dying from the 4kids version (the one I grew up with) until I saw your post, let alone voice actresses/actors from the dubs in other languages. 💔😢

I probably scarred you know. I grew up with that one too, the RAI version sounds weird to me. The only other language I heard WC in is Italian since I dont know when nick will air the rest