So are we getting a season 3 of young justice or what!?


I couldn’t have said it better👏

Liz Gillies and Keke Palmer in Animal.

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Baby Daddy Finale First Look: Will Danny Come Between Ben and Riley?


Question for ninjago fandom:

Anyone know which episode is this image? I do not remember



rewatching old episodes of gh and remembering why I hate Liz so much, Sam being thrown under the bus to prop “The Maternal One” still kind of hard to watch

Me: my answer = 23
Answer choices: 170, 195, 264, 362
Me: well 170 is closest to 23, so that must be the answer.



People ask what’s good about digimon- “it’s a silly show and a total rip off from pokemon, right?”


They take things that some kids go through and show that it’s alright:

  • Divorced parents
  • being separated from your siblings
  • parents getting remarried
  • having to meet…


Sokka Appreciation Week

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